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B die trfc

B die trfc

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen Joined Nov 11, Messages 6, 1. I figured I'd share this here, as I think quite a few people would be interested in reading this and it's the first site I've seen that has done a comparison between different memory types on Ryzen It would seem that there's a difference between the various memory types, even if it's rather small, even when pushed to the limit.

With B-dies it would appear you need to hit really low timings to get the best latencies, whereas Hynix is a tad more forgiving and Micron seemingly also being a bit more forgiving, but neither can hit as low latencies and Samsung if you can hit the right timings. Due to the changes implemented in the Zen2 architecture, along Last edited: Sep 24, Joined Apr 12, Messages 99 0.

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How is this possible? Joined Mar 18, Messages 5, 1. Manufacturing improvement duh. B-die is not even in production any more. Joined Aug 5, Messages 0.

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If I ever do manage to get a x i'll test it just for the luls. My Hynix CJR has really impressed, I can run it faster than spec and at much tighter timings at that. In fact, my timings are better than in the link above.

Joined Aug 9, Messages 0. Interessting, looking forward to gamingcomparisons. Joined May 24, Messages 45 0. Taraquin said:. TheLostSwede said:. Not sure it matters all that much in games. However, it shows that it's kind of pointless wasting money on expensive B-dies when CJR is just as good, for a lot less money.Products Phones Laptops Desktops. Aura Intelligent Cooling. Wallpapers Aura Sync Armoury crate. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of But I've bumped into concrete wall.

So, the specs are K, x hero, gskill trident 2x16GB B-die dual rank 1. I've started from available on the market maximum - that is CL19 2x16 ram. Boot failed. I wasn't able to boot. I've checked all things couple more times, raised vRAM to 1.

3600MHz: tRFC (700 vs 580 ) / CR ( 2T vs 1T )

What am I doing wrong? Factory kits are binned and priced accordingly The single greatest limit assuming the MB is rated to support high frequencies is the CPU memory controler I'd try timings that stay with that pattern Last edited by Arne Saknussemm; at PM. Actually, MHz ram with CL14 timings are also binned.

And, with B-die chips, you can easily hit whatever clock you want within range MHz, with right timings and voltage respectively. OK, great The problem solved itself Goddamn XMP profiles I've restarted the thing with manual mode.

b die trfc

Even at factory rated voltage - 1. Dunno if it is stable - still, I have hot boot real quick, so I really hope these chips can do well. However, any other combination doesn't work, and I dunno why. And I dunno where else to dig. Last edited by dmt.Products Phones Laptops Desktops. Aura Intelligent Cooling. Wallpapers Aura Sync Armoury crate.

Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Help for RAM overclock G. Skill Trident-Z 2x16GB memory kit. I know that given it's density consisting of two 16GB modules it won't overclock as good as 8GB B-die sticks, but I feel somewhat disappointed that I can't even hit MHz. Any help will be greatly appreciated! So far that's the best I have and it's You're going to need to relax a lot of timings to stand a chance - even then, is not guaranteed. These boards use T-topology and are 4-layer, so don't have as much signal margin with 1DPC as the higher-end models.

Originally Posted by Wolfdale. Hello guys, recently I bought a G. Honestly CAS14 is pretty respectable anyway. You don't want to be pushing too far and making timing concessions.

Nice memory you got there! You might get the memory seemingly stable with AIDA and other benchmarks, but at the same time MemTest will report errors.

My last memory KIT behaved like that. All benchmarks were OK but sometimes the machine froze a second or two while benchmarking. Only testing with MemTest I could see that one stick was faulty. And that is without any RAM overclock. Originally Posted by Silent Scone.Skill with different IC's as an example. For overclocking a DDR4 kit of 2 is best however if you need more or just want more capacity with 32GB or more you can either end up with a 4 x 8GB kit or a 2 x 16GB kit.

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This means if you use more then 2 DDR4 sticks, you will share each channel. Another consideration to make when using 4 DIMM slots on dual-channel motherboards is the topology of the motherboard traces.

This is however not commonly advertised to guesstimate check the motherboard QVL. When the highest validation on the motherboard for RAM is with a kit of 4, then most likely that motherboard is using T-Topology. If the motherboard highest validation on the motherboard for RAM is with a kit of 2 sticks, then it is most likely Daisy chained. This is also a good indication of the motherboard quality. Even when using a RAM kit of 2 sticks, T-Topology is better for extreme overclocking mhz or higher.

But again for extreme overclocking it is always better to use two sticks of RAM on dual-channel for the best result. This is the bread and butter of overclocking your RAM kit. To gauge the potential overclocking reference the example Thaiphoon Burner illustration.

With a total of 8GB per stick with four sticks, a total capacity of 32GB.

b die trfc

There is a wide variety of ICs by the three main manufactures of IC's. Listed below are known ICs that are known to overclock.

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But some will do better than others. If your ICs are not listed below, they will most likely overclock poorly. Below is a list of ICs with a good overclocking potential mileage may vary on the specific IC. For overclocking this will be vital as well as airflow to remove heat from the heat spreaders. RAM sticks without a heat spreader you will either have too install aftermarket heat spreaders or pass on overclocking.

Having heat spreaders is also a good indication if they are meant for overclocking and the quality of the heat spreaders how well they will overclock. So expect to overclock results based on the quality of your RAM kit heat spreaders if your RAM kit comes with internal temperature probes you want to aim to keep them below 50c.The calculator will tell you which range of values you should try for a stable result.

Generally, the best SOC values fall between 0. Jitter occurs when riding or falling edges occur at times that differ from the ideal time. Some edges occur early, some occur late. In a digital circuit, all signals are transmitted in reference to clock signals. The deviation of the digital signal as a result of reflections, intersymbol interference, crosstalk, PVT process-voltage-temperature variations, and other factors amounts to jitter.

Some jitter is simply random. Always use extra cooling for RAM. Lower voltages also mean less heat. By reducing the heat, you reduce the thermal radiation and decay, which makes your system more stable.

Note that timings must be configured in pairs. Single and rare errors can be fixed by changing tRFC. The calculator suggests several options for tRFC.

Enabling Geardown can improve system stability. VDDP can improve the stability of the system.

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The recommended range is mV to mV. Try increasing it in steps of 10—15 mV. Disabling spread-spectrum can improve the stability of the system. The source of errors can also be Windows, which is not necessarily a problem with overclocking.

For example or Excessive overclocking of the processor can negatively affect the stability of the RAM.Tea Tree Oil is really great too, you just have to be careful with it because it can really dry your skin, if you put too much it will burn your skin. The tips and answered questions were helpful as well.

I use green tea and ice cubes and the results are amazing, especially for purplish pimples. These techniques really work. Almost all of my acne are gone. This is a tough diet to follow because gluten hides in a lot of different places. Fortunately, it's become popular enough that you have a lot more options that we did even a few years ago. I've learned several things that have helped me succeed in my gluten-free diet, and they may be able to help you as well.

Gluten is a protein in wheat, barley, and rye. It's what makes baked goods that wonderful moist, spongy texture. It's also used as an additive in a lot of packaged food products, such as powdered sauce mixes and many others. Some people have an autoimmune condition called celiac disease that makes them unable to tolerate gluten. Some people without celiac disease also have symptoms related to gluten and are considered gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant.

Going gluten-free is a major lifestyle change that takes a lot of commitment. While it can be overwhelming at first, it does get easier as new habits take hold.

For example, some fast-food places use grilled chicken that contains gluten. That one really stunned me. If even meat isn't always safe, you know you've really got to keep an eye out. It seems like you should just be able to peruse the ingredients list, or even just the allergen statement that many labels have.

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Samsung, Hynix and Micron memory scaling on Ryzen 3000

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b die trfc

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